In this material, you will learn about expressions of getting one’s attention. (pada materi ini, kalian akan belajar tentang ungkapan-ungkapan untuk mendapatkan perhatian orang lain)

The following are some expressions of “asking for attention”. (Berikut ini adalah beberapa ungkapan “meminta perhatian”) which is followed by example of dialogue how to get one’s attention. (yang diikuti oleh contoh dialog bagaimana cara mendapatkan perhatian orang lain.)

  • Could I have your attention, please!
  • Look!
  • Sorry to bother you.
  • Excuse me!
  • Please pay attention.
  • Hey!
  • Listen to me, please.


study the following dialog!

Lidia     : Sorry to bother you, but can I ask you something?

Dian     : Yeah sure, what can I help you?

Lidia     : I need to go to the library but I got lost. Can you guide me please?.

Dian     : Oh sure. Just go straight, library is exactly at the one of this path.

Lidia     : Really? Thank you so much. Sorry for bother your time.

Dian: No problem.


Rearrange the following jumble sentences into a good dialogue.

Maya    : It’s fantastic!

Ema     : You know, I shot a panorama last Sunday. Here it is. What is your opinion?

Maya    : Hi, Ema. No, I’m not busy. What can I do for you?

Ema     : Excuse me, Maya. Are you busy at the moment?

to be clearer watch this vide

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