In this material, you will learn about expressions of ”checking understanding”. (pada materi ini, kalian akan belajar tentang ungkapan-ungkapan mengecek pemahaman)

The following are some expressions of  “checking understanding and their responses”. (Berikut ini adalah beberapa ungkapan “mengecek pemahaman dan responnya”)

Checking understandingResponses
Do you understand?
Do you know what I mean?
Can you get my point?Is that clear?
Do you know?
Did you catch what I told you?
I understand.
I know what you mean.
I get it.
Sorry, it isn’t clear.
Can you repeat please?
Yes, I see.
No, I didn’t understand

Task 1:

State the expressions above by using good pronunciation and then record yourselves. (Ucapkan ungkapan-ungkapan di atas dengan pengucapan yang benar kemudian rekam diri kalian.)

Task 2:

Study the following dialogue. Underline the expressions of checking one’s understanding.

Susan                  : Excuse me ma’am

Mrs. Rita              : Yes Susan.

Susan                  : May I ask a question?

Mrs. Rita              : Yes, please.

Susan                  : I don’t understand question number five. Can you explain again?

Mrs. Rita              : Well, to answer that question. You have to read paragraph four. Can you get my point?

Susan                  : I see. What about number eight?

Mrs. Rita              : mmm… the question asks you to tell your previous activities.

Susan                  : I’m sorry ma’am, I still don’t understand yet. Could you explain more?

Mrs. Rita              : Well, you have to remind some activities that you have already done yesterday. List them, then, arrange them into a short paragraph. Is it clear?

Susan                  : Yes ma’am. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Rita              : Anytime Susan.


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